Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Spankings AGAIN-

Grab your hats and boots today I'm taking you on a western adventure. Gorgeous spanking cowboys ready to take feisty gals over their knee for a good bottom warming; followed up by some great loving.  How can you lose?

These two short stores are prices at just $.99 cents so they are a bargain to boot.

BEAR CREEK RANCH-  Jane Mackey turns up at Bear Creek Ranch looking for work.  Caleb, the ranch owner, arranges for her hire but it isn't long before her bossy attitude annoys his long time housekeeper and Caleb himself. He knows just the solution.

Their first conversation ended with this little tidbit.

"Boy, what is it with men? You all think alike. I'll think about it," she told him.

  "I'm pretty sure I can find you some work more suited to your abilities, Jane."

  "Thank you, but I am happy doing the ranch work."

  "You can use the ranch truck if you want to go into town. Also, if you are interested I have quite an extensive library up at the main house."

  "Are you singling me out because I am a female?" she asked brattily.

  "I was taught to treat everyone with respect. The fact that you are female doesn't enter into it. I just thought you could use a friend." Wow, she really has a chip on her shoulder, thought Caleb

MEREDITH MEETS HER MATCH - When Madge asks ranch owner Chad to do her a favor by allowing her nephew's daughter Meredith to come and stay with them on the Bar None Ranch, he had no idea what mayhem will erupt on her arrival.  See what ensues.

“Are there clothing stores here sell stuff other than jeans, boots and cowboy hats?” she asked snottily.

“Yeah, the other stores sell ball gowns, tuxedos and diamond bracelets,” he answered.  She gave him a look that would freeze ice.

Walking to the parking lot, with all her luggage in tow, Chad noticed the scowl on her face when she saw his truck.  It was a ranch truck; it got dirty, but it was clean on the inside. 

“This is what you drive;  I thought you were a big important rancher.”

“I’m a rancher and ranchers drive trucks,” he told her. 

She was having difficulty getting into the truck; it was a steep step and with her short skirt and ridiculous high heels, he wasn’t surprised.  He tried to help her along with a little push.

“Don’t you touch me.” Chad put his hands in the air and stepped back.   He wanted to touch her all right, his hand on her ass.

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