Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Spankings - July 25

The Look of Love is the story of Erica and Scott Carson.   It is a story of their love from the first blush of young love, through the trials and tribulations of a long marriage. After thirty years of marriage, they still cannot keep their hands off each other and when their adult children want to learn the secret of their happy marriage, they find their parents have practiced a domestic discipline lifestyle.

The first time she saw him, he was getting out of a long sleek limousine.
Wearing a white Oxford cloth shirt, open from the neckline with the sleeves rolled up and tucked neatly into jeans that looked molded to his body.  She didn't think his legs would ever stop coming out of the car door.  When her eyes finally reached his face, it reminded her of chiseled stone.  His ebony hair curled slightly at the back of his neck, with gray/blue eyes fringed with dark black lashes.  She adjusted her eyes accordingly when he emerged; he hand to be at least 6'8" and 4 feet of him had to be legs. Beautiful was the only word she could think of to describe him and even that didn't define the reality of him.  She nearly fainted right there in the street.  She didn't believe she would ever swoon over someone, and here she was doing it over a stranger.

Now thirty years later his black hair was slightly peppered with gray.  He was beautiful as ever, and she still swooned, but this time those blue/gray eyes were searching the crowd looking for her and when he found her, she could see the love as he strode forward to embrace her.  He took her hand, and they walked into the theatre together.

ALLOWED EIGHT LINES - Erica's First Marital Spanking

He took hold of her and in one quick movement removed both her slacks and her panties. She waited for that first spank not knowing what was coming, but she was ready, or at least, thought she was. It hurt like hell. The first couple of spanks had her relaxing thinking, she could handle this. The longer it went on, the harder he spanked.  Her backside was on fire, and she was sure she was bloodied and bruised. Imagine her surprise when after Scott released her, she ran into the bathroom to check her bum in the mirror, and it was barely red.  How is that possible, feeling the heat radiating from her bum?

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