Saturday, August 29, 2015


Happy Saturday Everyone.  Haven't visited in awhile - I guess you could say I've been on summer vacation.  Not really, because I have been busy writing.  In addition to this latest release, I do have a couple of other this coming up within the next month or two.

Today, I'm featuring my latest release The Doctor and Her Rancher.

After 35-year old Lauren Bancroft’s parents are killed in a helicopter crash, she leaves her medical practice in LA and takes up the position of town doctor, at Carsonville, a small township in Montana with view of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  On arrival, she is greeted by the tall, handsome rancher, Trace, Connors, chairman of the town council and owner of the Double Pines Ranch.

This is the story of two strong independent people and how they come together and work out their differences.

In this scene, Lauren has arrived at her new living quarters which is a cottage on Double Pines Ranch in Carsonville and meets Trace Connors in person for the first time. He invites her for dinner and they spend the evening getting to know each other.  After Lauren has told him about her life, she asks whether he is married and he explains that he wants a traditional marriage and he is still looking for the right person who shares his values. 

 “What is your definition of a traditional marriage?” Lauren asks.

“Okay, here’s where it gets me in trouble every time.  Maybe the fact that we’re not in a relationship will make this easier to explain.  Anyway, I think one person should lead in any relationship – much like a dancing partner.  Two leaders don’t work and I think it’s the same way in a marriage.”

“So you think men should be the “boss” so to speak.”

“I think it could be either man or woman, but there has to be one leader, one person who gets the final say.  In my relationship,  I know that it would have to be me. It’s the way I’m wired.”

“Sounds reasonable, I guess.  I’ve never given it much thought.”

“Let me tell you when I’ve answered that question before, I haven’t exactly been the most popular person in the room.” 

Available in all digital formats at LSF Publications.

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