Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Spankings

How can this possibly be the last Saturday in July?  I'm not ready, I'm not even ready for it to be Saturday.

 This week the I'm pulling the curtain back for another peek into the lives of Maria Elena Bartola and Juan Antonio Cabrillo.  TAMING MARIA is a tale of romance, adventure and personal tragedy.

 Maria has recovered from a life threatening injury resulting from an earthquake. Her memory  and her strength have not fully returned but she is trying to remember what life was like prior to her injury.  Everyday a little more of her personality reappears and she is tired of being an invalid and treated as such. Returning to normal means that her beloved Juan once agains bears the brunt of her caustic personality.

She laughed. "So do you still want to marry me?"

"Yes, I do. I think maybe I need my head examined but you are the only one I ever thought about having share my life. I have been in love with you since we were five years old."

She laughed again. "So where's the ring?"

"You are still a spoiled brat that needs a good spanking," he told her. "I don't have the ring on me but I will produce it in good time."

"Don't wait too long or I may change my mind," she told him.

"If you change your mind, I will just have to haul you over my shoulder and take you to the nearest Justice of the Peace and everything else be damned."

"Bet me."

Her laughter rang out as she walked away.

 TAMING MARIA  can be purchased as a stand alone book or as part of a boxed set which includes three of my other books.  They, as well as my other books are available in all digital formats at LSF Publications and

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Who Have You Told?

I don't know how many of you have 'come out' so to speak and to whom.  I've been pretty circumspect about telling anyone there are published books out there that bear my pen name.  I think it took me six months before I told one of my friends.  She put me at ease and immediately wanted me to load it onto her computer.  Note, she had no e-reader, she is a real book gal.  I next told two other friends and they too glad handed me and immediately added them to their e-readers.  

Six months have passed - the topic has never come up.  No feedback, reviews, nothing. What was I so nervous about?

Fast Forward - Since I spend a great deal of time on my laptop, brother started teasing me about being a computer nerd. I bit the bullet and told him I wrote stories.  "Do you make any money at it?"  Leave it to a male to get right to the heart of things.  "A little." - end of conversation.  No questions about what I write, could he read it - gone.  I am lucky enough to have developed a friendship with his "ladyfriend" and I did tell her and gave her one of my stories to read.  She is not a reader but she read the story and enjoyed it. Actually, yesterday I asked if she would pass out some of my cards since she is always out and about and she agreed.  Again no problem.

This past weekend, I was on the phone with my sister and she asked what I was doing, I told her editing one of my stories.  I give her credit, she did ask what I wrote - my response was romance with a kink.  "Oh" - no more questions.

One brother and one daughter to go.  Not sure the latter will ever happen.  I know how PK has done it, how about you?  Who, in your family or circle, have you told?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Maria, what are you doing in there?"

"I'm getting dressed, Papa."

"Everybody is here and waiting for you."

"Well, I'm the bride and there is no wedding without me, so just let them wait."

"Maria, I'm warning you, if you are not downstairs in ten minutes, I am going to..."

"Going to what, Papa?"

"Send up Juan. He knows how to deal with you."

She smiled at the thought of Juan coming upstairs just now. The hell with the old wives tale about the groom seeing the bride before the actual ceremony. Juan would appreciate seeing her in the lacy bra, panties, and the garter belt holding up her silk stockings. She was wearing high heels and would do a little pirouette to let him get the full view. Oh, his prim and proper upbringing might kick in initially and he would threaten to take her over his knee if she didn't behave. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. I think I just might have to dawdle a little longer. Nothing like a bride blushing with afterglow, she thought to herself.

This is an excerpt from TAMING MARIA

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another Spanking Saturday

Another Saturday can't be here already, can it?  Wasn't it just yesterday. Anyway, we've had a couple of days of lovely cool weather here along with some much needed rain.  The air conditioner actually had a break, I could hear it sigh.

Today, I'm sharing another eight sentences from FLYING HIGH. It is the story of two people meeting and trying to work out a cross-country relationship. After finding each other, romance blossoms but it is not all smooth sailing. Working though relationship snags, including someone from Derek's past who threatens their new found happiness, Jill and Derek find the road to love isn't always easy.

Based on some bad experiences in his past, Derek Andrews is a stickler for the truth.  It's either black or white in his world, no grey areas.  Not so, in Jill's.  In this scene, Derek invited Jill to visit him at his home in Dallas and Derek has found out just what Jill did to make that happen.

“I’m sorry, Derek.  I just couldn’t say no to coming to Dallas.  I wanted so much to see you.  I know you hate lying and I know you are going to spank me, but it will be worth it.”

“I am so disappointed.  I thought we were past this because you know how I feel about lying.  Right now though we are going to have dinner.  We will talk some more about this when we get back to the apartment.  Sit comfortably because I intend to give you a spanking you will remember the next time you think about telling a lie,” he said.

Think you know what happens next? Don't make assumptions because  you know what happens with assumptions, right.  If you're interested, the answer is just a click away

FLYING HIGH as well as my other books are available in all digital formats at LSF Publications.  All can also be found at

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Spankings

Welcome all -  another beautiful summer day here.  Hope it's the same where you are hanging today. Also, a reminder, there's a book party happening today at noon.  Be sure to stop by - they are offering prizes.
 Today, I'm sharing eight sentences (can you believe it, I'm following the rules) from FLYING HIGH. It is the story of two people meeting and trying to work out a cross-country relationship. After finding each other, romance blossoms but it is not all smooth sailing. Working though relationship snags, including someone from Derek's past who threatens their new found happiness, Jill and Derek find the road to love isn't always easy.

In this scene, Jill and Derek have married and are settling into life in their new home in Dallas.  Thinking all is well and Derek's stalker is confined to a mental hospital for stalking and threatening Jill's life.  She picks up the mail at their new address and her world gets turned upside down when she sees a note in writing she doesn't recognize.

" she opened it, pulled out the note and something fluttered to the floor. When she read the note, she turned white. The note read, Don't think I am through with you. I'm still watching. She bent down to pick up the item that had landed on the floor and it was one of those funeral cards with her name on it. She felt the hairs standing up at the back of her neck and her whole body tensed. Scared didn't begin to cover what she was feeling. Instinct made her hand cover her belly to protect the life she was carrying.

FLYING HIGH is available in all digital formats at LSF Publications.  If you are interested, other books can be purchased by clicking the pictures on the side. All can also be found at

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014



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Prizes include books by Cara Bristol, Maren Smith, Natasha Knight, Patricia Green, Casey McKay, Tara Finnegan, Etta Stark, Renee Rose and more!

Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane

Claire Jacobs always dreamed of making it to the Olympic Trials in the marathon. Unfortunately, she has a habit of getting in her own way. Enter Nick Fox, a no-nonsense coach, willing to use unconventional methods to bring her in line. Traumatized by her last coach and still recovering from self-destructive habits, Claire finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority about what she can and can’t handle on the trails. Still, her attraction for him deepens, even when she discovers he believes in good old-fashioned spanking as a method of correction.
As Nick spends more time with Claire, she enchants him with her drive and deep commitment to help her fellow runners. But when she gets into an argument with a teammate, he realizes he only has one option—to give the talented woman he cares about the first spanking of her life, a spanking that is not going to be fun for either of them.
Claire and Nick grow closer and she comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction. Discovering the emotional healing and strength to succeed during training, she moves past her shyness and self-doubt to step into a leading role with the young women on the team. But when team politics, jealousy and misunderstandings create drama, will she revert back to her old pattern of running away? Or can she learn to trust in love and race toward her goals with an open heart?
Publisher’s Note: Coach’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spanking, including domestic discipline in a contemporary setting, anal play, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Available for sale on Saturday!