Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Spanking - Memorial Day Weekend

LONG WEEKEND HERE IN THE U.S. - the unofficial first weekend of the summer.  We're expecting rainy weather here (something different, not) so no big plans.  If your weather is going to be less than perfect why not pick up a book to take you on an adventure. Beside the one I'm featuring here, check on any of the other authors below and you can choose from a plethora (love the word) of great stories, strong characters, lovable heroines and lots of spanking.

ANNIE AND JACE: the broken wheel keeps turning.

Annie was just 18 when Jace first encountered her in Pickin’ Pete’s Bar and Grill.  Using a false ID and feeling the effects of too much tequila, she was attracting the wrong kind of attention when Jace offers to drive her home.  Little did she know then just how much he would feature in her life.

Annie and Jace go on to live their separate lives. Time passes and Jace comes to the Tulsa area looking to purchase a ranch of his own.  He spies someone coming out of the cafĂ© that looks like the girl he met many years before.  No longer a girl, but a woman he realizes he wants to know better.

This is their story – past and present and what they hope for the future.

 Today's scene follows last week's SS snippet. Today's sentences take place the following night. Annie's sister invited Jace to dinner to thank him for taking care of Annie.  While Annie's sister and brother-in-law are present, Annie is on her best behavior.  Jace volunteers to help her clean up the kitchen after dinner and Annie reverts to her bratty self.

Here's this weeks eight sentences:

  This girl needed a damn good spanking, probably more than one.  He wouldn’t mind taking on the chore of making her see the error of her ways, but she was way too young. He hoped she’d make it to twenty-one before getting into any more trouble, but he had serious doubts.

Jace rejoined Cathy and Dick in the living room, thanked them for the dinner and took his leave.

“Come say good-by to Jace,” Cathy yelled into the kitchen.

Annie, quite the little actor, had turned back into the sweet girl he had met earlier in the evening.  “Thank you so much for everything.  Hope I see you again.” She reached up to kiss his cheek and whispered “Never.”

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