Saturday, November 22, 2014


Thanksgiving week in the US coming up.  Are you stressed?  Happily, we're not responsible for dinner, so I'm not stressed at all.  My contribution is croissants from Costco, how easy is that? Our kids will be here this week, we're excited to see them. Those of you celebrating Thanksgiving do you have special plans? 

Although this isn't my latest release, I'm choosing DESTINY TAKES A HAND this week. I thought it appropriate because of this Thanksgiving scene.

Sam and Seth Fremont invited Chris to spend Thanksgiving at their place.  The Fremont family hosted Thanksgiving dinner for years and invited everyone who had nowhere else to go.  The tradition started with their grandfather and weather permitting had happened every year since. Sam handled the cooking chores for the thirty-two guests and afterward Chris thought Sam might be too tired and suggested they retire early.

“Not a chance, big boy.  I want my reward for today’s dinner,” she told him.

“What did you have in mind?” he asked innocently.

“Let me give you a hint.”  She began by removing her blouse and pants, then undid her bra, came over and buried his head between her breasts. 

Chris took the hint.  He took her nipple between his teeth and nipped the tight bud, while pinching the other to full erection.  She was purring like a kitten and wiggling her ass around on his lap.  She undid his belt, pulling it through the loops, holding it in one hand while her other hand fumbled with the button and zipper on his jeans. 

“Now what, my little temptress?” he asked.

She handed him the belt she had folded in two.  “Think of something.”  He cupped her ass, pinching and kneading those beautiful globes.

What do you suppose Chris did?  The answer is buried in Chapter 14.  DESTINY TAKES A HAND and my other books are available at:


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