Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Spankings.

Do you know what happens in just thirteen more Saturdays?  No, well it's the Saturday before Christmas.  Scary, huh.  Until then though, we can enjoy the fall season starting this weekend (couldn't prove it by me) but there's three months before winter officially begins.

Winter starts early in the high country though and DESTINY TAKES A HAND is set in the high country and winter waylays our hero.  Below is a blurb and eight (or so) to tease you. Why not add it to your Christmas Wish List?

Christopher Matthew Chambers, the eldest son of a wealthy New York family, shows little interest in the family business, preferring to do his own thing much to the disappointment of his father.  When a relative of his mother dies and the family inherit 10,000 acres of prime real estate known as Sutter's Ridge, situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Christopher is sent to attend to the funder arrangement and clear up an remaining legalities.

During his visit, however, the weather takes a turn for the worse and he finds himself in the middle of a snow storm.  While driving back down the mountain he is forced to swerve to avoid a stray elk- he ends up in a ditch. With no help in sight after a couple of hours, he sets off on foot in search of somewhere to hole up until the storm pass.  Fortunately, he stumbles across the house of Samantha Fremont, a sexy burt feisty young woman with whom he feels an instant attraction. A passionate romance quickly blossoms but Samantha's fier temper and stubborness make for some turbulent times.  The sex between them is great but Samantha is headstrong and not inclined to listen to advice, even when it's in her own interest.  When she goes too far, Christopher has no hesitate in putting her across his knee for a well deserved spanking, but he soon discovers that rather than being chastised, she actually enjoys it.

Sam's blatant disregard for his wishes and feelings, with a heart filled with regret, he decides the relationship can't continue.  For a while, it seems a happy ever after may not be in the cards, but then destiny takes a hand...

This is the following morning after Sam has rescued Chris from his snowbound dilemma.

Chris woke to the sound of howling winds and smells of something wonderful cooking.  He looked out the window and saw the snow was still falling fast and furious. He attempted to get up from the couch and promptly fell back down. 

“Here, let me help you.”

“I can do it.”

“Yes, I can see how well you are doing on your own.  If you get tired of falling down and want some help, let me know.”

“You should be glad I’m hobbled, or I would be whacking your behind.  You appear to need some serious attention.... The only reason I'm putting up with your nonsense is because I figure the pain has gone to your brain.  Otherwise, I would be throwing you out in the snow.”

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